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Art That Moves the World

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    The word "art" like many other words in the english language has wilted in the watered down world in which we live.  What is art?  That is the question that if answered and understood could really help the world around us understand more about themselves and the world they experience.  When one google's the word art, and yes, google is now has become a verb, the definition is interesting,   "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."  Now of course, I am going to argue with this definition for someone saying that it is typical for art to be visual when the art of music is so very prominent in our society and has influenced our culture beyond measure.  Music has been a powerful force from generation to generation from your average television commercial to the top 40 hits that come through the air waves every week.  Like this famous painting of Monet, there are songs that have reached my ear that made me see lilies dancing on the water and sparked an interest somewhere down very deep in who I am to explore truth and the world around me.  I want to create that.  I want to move at least the world that I touch.  There is so much to gain by sitting back and sharing revelations on music and what it says about the world that we live in and dig for truths that show us the way and leads us to life.

   When one looks at a painting or listens to a song, it is supposed to be more than enjoyable.  We are to study the meaning behind it, what the author might have intended, and what it means to us personally.  I know that there are songs out there that were written for very different reasons than what that tune might mean to me.  Sometimes, we as artists, will even create something out of some ancient truth that we are tied to and a reality that, because we are a living and breathing being in this world, we tap into something very significant.  I encourage you to go and look at art and listen to music and ask yourself why it moves you.  Why are you responding the way you are responding?  Could be that you find something out about the world and yourself and even God.  I would love to go on a journey with you exploring and creating art that brings understanding and truth to our area of influence.  Let's go on that road, let's discuss and dig deep and find treasures that can only be found from the language of art.


Connie Whitlock
President of KCCM
Piano and Vocal Instructor
Songwriter and Recording Artist
Co Owner of Rogers Foundation of Music

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